Year 3 & 4

Science education programmes suitable for Years 3 & 4.

Space Odyssey

NE - Year 4

Blast off on a learning journey in space. Students work with our range of interactives that cover the moon, day/night, the sun and the planets of the solar system.

Nature of Science L1 & 2
Planet Earth L1 & 2

You may like to combine this programme with Discovery Dome Astronomy.

Force Detectives

NE - Year 4

Can the Force Detectives stop the wolf? Our new physics programme allows students to explore gravity, magnets, push & pull, friction and air resistance.

Nature of Science L1 & 2
Physical World L1 to 3




Year 3 & 4

We introduce science testing with a range of chemistry experiments that help students solve a mystery.

Nature of Science L3 & 4
Material World L3




Discovery Dome Astronomy

NE - Year 9

Experience the wonders of the night sky in the Brian Mason Discovery Dome.
Science Alive! astronomy programmes use digital technology to bring the planets, stars and moons to your school.

NE - Year 4,  30 minutes -  $4.00
Year 5 to 8,  40 minutes - $4.50
Year 9+, 45 minutes - $5.00

Discovery Dome Matariki

Year 3 - 8

For thousands of years people have looked to the stars with wonder. We have created grand tales of heroes and monsters, this has allowed important knowledge to pass between generations.  The Māori kōrero about the stars include important information about creation, the seasons, food havesting and navigation.

Our Discovery Dome Matariki programme can help your classes celebrate a siginifcant time in the Māori calendar and learn traditional Māori Starlore (Tātai Arorangi).

Cost: $4.00 per student


Year 3 - 8

A great introduction or extension for your electricity topic.   Students work with both Electroflash kits and individual components to build basic electrical circuits. We will provide students with components to build their own circuit to take home.   Year 3 to 6 students are guided through a build for a night light,  Year 7/8 students are provided with resources to design and build their own light sculpture. 
$9.50 per student

Nature of Science L3 & 4
Physical World L3 & 4
Nature of Technology L2

Hot Wheels

Year 3 & 4

Learn about wheels, gears and pulleys in this fun building programme from Science Alive! We have updated our Hot Wheels programme utilising new LEGO motors.  During the  session students investigate the shape of wheels and how gears and pulleys can be used to transfer turning forces.

Nature of Science L3 & 4
Physical World L3 & 4
Technology Practise L2 & 3
Technology Knowledge L2 & 3
Nature of Technology L2

Super Structures

Year 3 - 6

Working in pairs, students design and build strong, safe structures with K’NEX. Construct a windmill, castle or a flying fox.

Nature of Science L3 & 4
Physical World L3 & 4
Technology Practice L2 & 3
Technology Knowledge L2

Introduction to Robotics

Year 3 - 10

Working with Lego Mindstorms NXT students build a simple powered vehicle and program it to complete a series of challenges.

Nature of Science L3 & 4
Physical World L2 & 4
Technology Practise L3 & 4
Technology Knowledge L3 & 4
Nature of Technology L3 to 5

Fairground Engineers

Year 3 & 4 (new programme)
During this fun hands-on exploration students will gain an understanding of simple machines and how we use them to make our lives easier. They then bring their knowledge together by building Lego models of fairground equipment: slides, merry-go rounds etc.

Renewable Energy

Year 3 - 6 (new programme)
Students learn about energy and how it is used to generate electricity. With interactive demonstrations and by building Lego models, students can investigate energy transfer, generate electricity and use it to power Lego vehicles.

Light and Sight

NE - Year 2 and Year 3 to 6 (new programme)
Discover the properties of light, the power of solar energy and how our eyes work. Following an interactive introduction students work around at a series of activity stations investigating various aspects of light and sight including, sun screen blocking UV light, how objects are different colours and how illusions can trick our brains.