Picture Happiness on Earth


Miraikan (National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation) started the “TSUNAGARI Project” in 2011 so individuals could discover a personal relationship to planet Earth. It aimed to encourage people to search together for solutions to the challenges facing all life forms in order to assure the sustainability of Earth.

As part of this in September 2015 Miraikan began the “Picture Happiness on Earth” project. The project creates opportunities for teenagers from six countries in the Asia-Pacific region  to consider global issues from multiple scientific and ethical perspectives. In collaboration with Science Centres, the aim is to carry out educational workshops in high schools around six Asian Pacific countries.

This year South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Australia, Thailand and New Zealand have been selected.

Science Alive will host the project with students from Christchurch Schools. Only one hundred year 9 and 10 students will take part to represent New Zealand.

Once the workshops are completed and work is submitted, one group will be selected as the overall winner. One student from the winning group will attend and speak at the Science  Centre World Summit at Miraikan Japan in 2017.  The winning work will be visualised as video content on the Geo-Cosmos at Miraikan.


Website: www.picturehappinessonearth.co.nz 

Hashtag: #PHOENZ