Science Alive was established in 1991, as a science and technology learning and entertainment centre. In 1993, we completed the purchase of the iconic Railway Station building on Moorhouse Avenue.

On 22 February 2011, following a series of earthquakes, the building was evacuated. After the most damaging earthquake in Christchurch’s history, it was later assessed as uninhabitable. Our office/workshop/Science Shop relocated to Coleridge Street in Sydenham.

Planning is now underway for a new Science Centre in Christchurch Central.

Science Alive Trustees

Chair: Prof. Phil Butler PhD HOD

Science Alive Team

  • Dr. Claire McGowan
    Group GM
  • Colleen Farrelly
    Group CFO
  • Martyn Williams
    Events & Relationships
  • Sofiia Karpova
  • Rachel Rowland
  • Kaye McCord
  • Anna Jack
  • Julian Ryan